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Get to Know the Cards After you’ve purchased est deck, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the cards. “I think establishing est relationship with the cards is important. It can be so intimidating because it’s est deck of 78 cards and they’re all different. It’s a lot of entropie that I think est lot of people feel they have to memorize,” Howe admits. Her tip? “If you are starting out, just working by yourself, a lot of people do a daily card chandail where they gilet je card from the deck and just think embout the meaning of the card. If you ut it in the morning, you can keep it in mind as you go through your day. That’s a niais way to get to know the cards on a deeper level.” Be Ready to Talk “Tarot is really like a tool, est tool to facilitate talking about things. Because there’s this sort of added mystical energy to it donc some sort of mystical connection, you can see people start to compétition u indium a way that they might not if you were just having est réparation embout something. There’s something embout the special energy embout it that kind of melts away the walls that people have and then the entretien can really get indium there and make changes,” Howe says. As such, it’s important for carte readers to be mûr to communicate. That means both keeping an open mind and trusting one’s own intuition. “Intuiting is definitely est big of a carte reading; that’s what makes it so special. That’s where energy comes in, being ablette to sense what someone is feeling, thinking, donc going through.” MOST POPULAR Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Hat, Headband, and Turban BEAUTY The Best Collagen Powders to Transform Your Skin—And Boost Your Immune System BY ZOE RUFFNER Image may contain: Human, Person, Photo, Photography, and Photographer CULTURE Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in January BY EMMA SPECTER CULTURE Betty White, Star of The Golden Girls, Dies at 99 BY ELLEN BURNEY If this sounds intimidating, Howe says it’s important to relax and trust your own agency. “Use language that you already have, mais knowledge that you already have, so you can see it less as ‘This holds all of these secret meanings that I have to ut all this work to access,’ and more like ‘I know all the meanings; it’s just est matter of making the connections and being ablette to articulate them.’ ” She notes that the four elements—earth, water, fire, and air—play est large role in the tarot, which is helpful because most people already have some ideas about the meanings of each element that they can draw on. “If you ut that then it’s more your own perspective and you can be a little freer with the things that you’re saying.”

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