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Lectures de cartes de tarot gratuites avec des fonctionnalités de cartes de tarot quotidiennes. Découvrez les réponses à ces questions brûlantes. Visitez nos lectures de cartes de tarot en ligne gratuites et précises dès aujourd’hui.

La lecture quotidienne des cartes de tarot prédit votre avenir en lisant les cartes. Ceci est différent des prophéties utilisant des calculs de date, d’heure et d’année de naissance. Chaque pronostic ou sélection de carte peut ne pas indiquer le même résultat. La précision dépend de votre intention et de votre concentration au moment de la sélection. Ainsi, il est très important de se concentrer intensément pour obtenir le résultat le plus significatif.

Lorsque vous êtes prêt, augmentez votre concentration, fermez les yeux, inspirez et expirez profondément pendant 1 à 2 minutes jusqu’à ce que vous vous sentiez calme et détendu. Rappelez-vous les objets sacrés que vous respectez et demandez leur pouvoir de révéler votre fortune à travers cette lecture quotidienne de cartes de tarot. Ensuite, ouvrez les yeux et choisissez une carte de tarot. Votre voyage commence !

Si le moment ne vous convient pas, que vous êtes occupé ou pressé et que vous ne pouvez pas vous concentrer, nous vous recommandons de poursuivre et de terminer les tâches en cours. Revenez aux cartes de tarot lorsque vous êtes prêt et avez le temps de regarder dans votre âme.

Get to Know Some Basic Spreads—But Be Ready to Change Them For beginner readers, Howe recommends two basic spreads, a three-card chandail and the Celtic Cross. The former is where three cards are drawn from the deck to represent the past, present, and futur mais mind, body, and spirit of the person being read. Howe says you can even up the ante to est six-card pull, with one card representing each area. MOST POPULAR Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Hat, Headband, and Turban BEAUTY The Best Collagen Powders to Transform Your Skin—And Boost Your Immune System BY ZOE RUFFNER Image may contain: Human, Person, Photo, Photography, and Photographer CULTURE Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in January BY EMMA SPECTER CULTURE Betty White, Star of The Golden Girls, Dies at 99 BY ELLEN BURNEY The Celtic Cross, though slightly more complicated, is also a good starting point. “The Celtic Cross spread is est classic spread where each card ha an assigned position and an assigned meaning juridiction that position. It’s 10 cards, so it’s est lot of renseignements and it’s est very clear spread. Personally, I manies est modified version of the Celtic Cross where I habituations the format, but I like to be loose with the positions because I want the cards to be whatever they want to be. What I ut is I start dépassé with the Celtic Cross layout, and as we’re talking, I’ll move cards around to make [it so] the point of these cards are talking to each other. Sometimes, by the end of the reading, it silhouette totally different.” Her other tip is not to keep the big picture of the typage indium mind. “It’s really embout the connections between the cards. Depending what cards are around est certain card, it will influence the meaning. They’re all being influenced by each other, sometimes they’re really amplified by each other,” she explains. Find est Space With Good Vibes to Conduct Your Readings “I think it’s important to think embout the energy of the space parce que you’re opening up,” she explains. “If you want to be an compétition person, it means that you want your environment around you to be est healthy nous-mêmes so it’s okay for you to be open. I do readings indium my apartment, which is great because I can control the environment. Burning sage, burning palo santo, lighting candles, even having an intention, like, ‘This is a space where I can be open so it’s a loving space and I don’t allow non-loving energies,’ helps.” But it’s not just the physical space that needs to be in fortune before a reading. “Even your headspace matters,” Howe says. “I like to meditate before I give est reading so that I’m not preoccupied with any of my own originaire mais problems, so that I can be open to let whatever is coming to my mind be for them and not juridiction myself.”

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